Coral minerals to protect the soil, purify water and grow delicious vegetables.

Our business as original equipment manufacturer (OEM)

At present, we accept OEM orders for the following two products
1. Tea-bag style portable mineral infuser & water purifier “Coral Life”
2. Hydrogen supplement “Suiso-mo Sango-mo”
It is possible to change the name of the product or make other adjustment.
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Below is an introduction to these two products.


Coral and hydrogen are major forces which support our daily activities
Coral minerals and hydrogen have great potentials to improve the quality of our lives.

Corals began their lives in the ocean 3.5 billion years ago, and their bodies were created through chemical reactions called metabolism, which breaks down and synthesizes organic molecules taken in as nutrients. It is a dynamic entity that sustains the body and supports its activities.
The reactions are smoothly facilitated by proteins called enzymes. Throughout the long history of life, enzymes have evolved a way to use ocean minerals as cofactor and keep metabolism running fluently. Trace minerals are thus essential for the enzymes to be activated.
Degradation of the metabolic facilities and equipment of cells is inevitable with this life activity. One of the causes of accelerated deterioration is oxidative stress and antioxidants are needed to prevent and repair the deterioration. Hydrogen has attracted a lot of attention as an ideal antioxidant.

The combination of coral minerals and hydrogen is a requirement for maintaining a stable life activity.

Coral minerals have been contributing to our health for 35 years as a mineral supplement. Newly announced hydrogenated coral mineral, which is hydrogen added to coral minerals, has been welcomed by many people as our health supplement.

Coral and hydrogen are major forces that support our active lives by smoothly promoting the metabolism, which is the life activity itself in daily life, and preventing the deterioration and damage to the body due to daily oxidative stress.

It is expected to have various possibilities as a food material based on the food history and the various health effects are reported from it. In the future, we would like to accumulate more data as observational studies, and conduct more rigorous clinical evaluations.

Hydrogen as an antioxidant

In addition to the fact that hydrogen is the smallest molecule which could be distributed anywhere in the body, it has been revealed that it specifically reacts with the most toxic hydroxyl radical among active oxygen. Basic researches and clinical applications on biological antioxidant defense are in progress.
For example, in addition to being a tissue with a high lipid content, the brain is in an environment where oxidative stress is likely to occur. This is because active oxygen is easily produced from neurotransmitter molecules. However, since the brain has a mechanism (blood-brain barrier) that protects the brain from passing only what is necessary, it is a tissue where exogenous antioxidant molecules are hard to work. It has been reported that hydrogen, which is a small molecule, is effective in treating cerebral infarction because it easily penetrates into the brain. Another characteristic is that hydrogen reacts with hydroxyl radicals to produce only stable and harmless H2O.

Tetsuya Konishi, Ph.D.
Advisor, Okinawa Sango Co., Ltd.
Professor Emeritus, Niigata University of Pharmacy and Applied Life Sciences (NUPALS)
Ref. Minerals, Hydrogen and Hydrogenated Coral Minerals

Over the years, Okinawa Sango Co., Ltd. has been working on hydrogen, which is likely to be involved in oxidative stress and inflammation. We have commercialized it in the form of food and water. Through research with experts in a wide variety of fields, the raw material for foods [hydrogenated coral minerals] Sala was born. In addition, a supplement called Suiso-mo Sango-mo, made from Sala, has been completed.

We are actually experiencing that using hydrogen for people and plants can make a huge difference in maintaining the health of people and crops. As a specific example, foliage plants such as adiantum have shining buds even in the winter, and have become glossy and beautiful. A florist was surprised to see it as it was totally different to others. In addition, a lady who had been drinking our coral and hydrogen water said with a smile, “It feels like a dream to get back my usual life routine!”
Although no clinical trials have been conducted, it is said that hydrogen has no harmful effects, so we hereby propose it.

We started OEM contract manufacturing as we hope that the hydrogen supplement Suiso-mo Sango-mo will be more widely known in society. We will continue to share information which will help improving the physical condition of many people both in Japan and overseas. We thank you in advance.

Suiso-mo Sango-mo
Hydrogen supplement
[Suiso-mo Sango-mo]

Beautiful adiantum with coral and hydrogen water
Sango Studio (Nakijin, Okinawa Prefecture)
In the forest of Yanbaru, Okinawa Prefecture, we at Okinawa Sango, have conducted researches on coral minerals and developed many products from the time of establishment. Our main concern is “What do we need for today’s society?” We are working with scientists to find ways to solve problems. The tea pack style portable mineral replenisher and water purifier agent, Coral Life, developed 34 years ago, has become a well-known product for many people all over the world.
In 2020, hydrogen supplement Suiso-mo Sango-mo was completed. We are ready for contract manufacturing of these two products. We will work hard to earn the trust from you. When the products exceed your imagination and expectations, we are filled with bliss. Our factory is of the world’s largest in scale, located in the woods, a studio where the passion for coral has continued for 34 years.

Sango Studio
Sango Studio (Nakijin, Okinawa Prefecture)

Functionality and wide application examples of coral minerals
100% Natural Minerals
Coral Life
Makes the water delicious
Coral Life

100% Natural Minerals
Minerals extracted from coral in Okinawa provide fresh life energy to our “life and living” and “microorganisms’ ecosystem” by its skillful balance of calcium and magnesium.

How to use Coral Life
On a diet, mineral supplement (Iced tea)
When you are on a diet, you tend to eat less which may lack minerals. One sachet of Coral Life in a cup of tea will increase minerals, catechins and amino acids. Coral Life helps you to relax your body and mind.

Coral Calcium Water Refreshes with the blessings of coral
100% natural minerals containing 23 kinds of trace elements extracted from coral in Okinawa with amazing mineral balance. Replenishes plenty of water and minerals lost in sweat.

Alcohol with water, taste becomes mild
Add 2-3 sachets of Coral Life and stir well to make it minerals-rich. When drinking alcohol, our body loses water and minerals due to increased diuresis effects.。

Wash vegetables and fruits with natural minerals
As Coral Life has antibacterial silver, it prevents the growth of bacteria. Minerals increase the sweetness and aroma of vegetables and fruits.

Calcium and magnesium to care your body
You can reuse the rinsed and dried Coral Life. Put some in a mesh bag and bathe. It helps hot water to keep warm. As it can be used over and over again, it is economical.

Supports the beauty and health of pets
Replenish water and minerals before and after a walk or exercise. High antioxidant water is pet-friendly which contains natural minerals that reach every part of the body.

Rice is fluffy and different in sweetness after absorbing plenty of delicious water
Rice grains absorbs about 60% of water when rinsed. This means that good quality water is the basic rule. If you put 1 or 2 sachets of Coral Life into it and cook, it will be fluffy and delicious even when it becomes cold.

Easily creates a rich taste with Coral Life
Coral minerals of Coral Life enhance the conductivity and bring out the flavor of ingredients (curry, sukiyaki, tomato sauce, miso soup, dressing, etc.)

Delicious water made easily
Put 1 sachet of Coral Life in a jug (please refrain from tearing the sachet)

Add approximately 1 liter of tap water or water of your choice

Mix well to extract calcium and magnesium

Even delicious soup stock, dashi are made easily
Just leave it for 30 minutes. I will be an expert cook from today!
Incredible! Coral Life is drawing out more and more extracts from a piece of kelp.
Left: Water and kelp Right: Water and kelp with Coral Life
Compared to the left side, in the glass on the right side we can see Coral Life draws out the kelp soup stock more and more which results that the food becomes delicious.
(Photo taken about 30 minutes later)

[Precautions for use]
· Coral life is not something you can eat directly. Please use them by dissolving minerals in drinking water and cooking.
· Mineral components may float or precipitate after putting Coral Life in water for a while. There is no problem in terms of use or quality.
· Coral is a food material specified by the Food Sanitation Law of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.