Coral minerals to protect the soil, purify water and grow delicious vegetables.

We are the premier developer, manufacturer and distributor of Okinawan coral calcium using coral sourced at the end of a long life cycle in local Okinawan waters. We tailor this ‘Ocean Mineral’ into an edible coral product. We celebrated our 30th anniversary in 2017 and thank our all of 57 staff for their support and belief in who we are and what we are passionate about doing.

About Okinawa Sango

Company name Okinawa Sango Co.,Ltd.
Location 983-1, Nakasone, Nakijin Village, Kunigami-gun, Okinawa 905-0401
Plant 983-1, Nakasone, Nakijin Village, Kunigami-gun, Okinawa 905-0401
Representative Keiko Kitamura, CEO
Development, manufacture and sales of coral calcium products to improve the quality of soil, interior space, water and food)
Founded July 15, 2008
Capital stock 10 million yen
Major supplier Coral Biotech Co., Ltd. (Okinawa)
Hydrogen/Mineral Farming Agricultural Material Production Plant
Okinawa Sango Co.,Ltd. (Headquarters/Nakijin Plant)
In Nakijin Village, we are cultivating musk melons using a hydrogen/mineral farming method without using any pesticides. The head of the Village leads the project to grow musk melons using organic farming as a local specialty, to complement the cultivation of watermelons and mangoes. Okinawa Sango Co.,Ltd. manufactures various agricultural materials using raw coral calcium materials produced at Coral Biotech Co., Ltd’s. plant.
983-1, Nakasone, Nakijin Village, kunigami-gun, Okinawa 905-0401
TEL:0980-56-2427 FAX:0980-56-5296

Okinawa Sango Co.,Ltd. (Yatsugatake Kōgen Branch Office / Sango Farm)
it has been 24 years since we first introduced hydrogen and mineral farming methods, and started the natural cultivation/farming of various grains, vegetables and fruits throughout Japan. At Coral Farm, we grow healthy crops and delicious vegetables without using any pesticides.
With this farming method, the presence of the microorganism actinomycetes in the soil increases and the rhythm of the natural circulation is gradually adjusted, through changes such as the lysing of the pathogenic fusarium.
3332-1314, KobuchisawaChou, Kamisasao, Hokutoshi, Yamanashi, 408-0041
TEL:055-145-8402 FAX:055-145-8403

Location 983-1, Nakasone, Nakijin Village, Kunigami-gun, Okinawa 905-0401
Representative Keiko Kitamura, CEO
Using weathered coral sands in Okinawa as a valuable natural resource, we develop, manufacture and sell products for use in food, agriculture, interior walls and fertilizer.
Founded August 29, 1987
Capital 80 million yen
Major Suppliers Okinawa Gravel Mining Cooperative, Kumejima Deep Marine Water Development, Uechiya

Our products are now distributed in all of 47 prefectures nationwide.

We are very pleased to hear that they have been well received, and are committed to strive to growing further and enhancing people’s lives.


Onshu Orange, Sato Farm
Onshu Orange, Sato Farm, 20 ha, in Saga Prefecture, Japan
Colored by four distinct seasons and blessed with abundant seas and fertile land, Japan enjoys a rich food culture. Through the evolution of materials and technology over the last 200 years we feel humanity has lost something important, and as a result our individual life force has diminished. It is partly due to the lack of nutrition needed to keep us healthy, caused by the reduction of minerals in soil that is cultivated with a focus on efficiency. We now recognize how important ‘food’ and ‘water’ are to life.
Twenty years ago we first discovered the benefits of corals and developed filters for pure water and rice cultivated using coral. We worked closely with users, marine scientists, medical practitioners and specialists, who researched the unique properties and benefits of coral sands. Over the years this has created a knowledge base that enabled the creation of a select range of unique products that naturally and sustainably harness the properties of coral sands, to provide individuals with access to these life-enhancing minerals, and a natural balance to offset the impact of busy contemporary life.
Our Salon de Coral was formed to listen to the voice of users, as well as provide a forum for information about our passion, and to share the importance of minerals through workshops with specialists throughout Japan. We believe it is our mission and responsibility to society and communities to contribute to the quality of food and water, to make our lives better.
We believe that the benefits of the coral will be proved through the accumulation of user experiences, supported by scientific data. Coral minerals have only just opened the door to further opportunities. We are on a long journey, and are committed to furthering the potential of coral.

Environmental Initiatives

We understand the interconnected relationship of every part of the natural cycle of water, both on land and in the ocean, and that for clean water to enter the ocean the journey begins deep in the soil in the mountains, and is purified by the health of the forest and flowing rivers. At the end of their usable life, Sango products and the natural by products of production are recycled, used for tree planting activities in Okinawa, helping to sustain a natural cycle that enriches and purifies the land, water and the sea.