Coral minerals to protect the soil, purify water and grow delicious vegetables.


Open Hours8:30〜17:30 (only weekdays)
Open Hours8:30〜17:30 (only weekdays)
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Hydrogen/Mineral Farming Agricultural Material Production Plant
Okinawa Sango Co.,Ltd. (Headquarters/Nakijin Plant)

In Nakijin Village, we are cultivating musk melons using a hydrogen/mineral farming method without using any pesticides. The head of the Village leads the project to grow musk melons using organic farming as a local specialty, to complement the cultivation of watermelons and mangoes. Okinawa Sango Co.,Ltd. manufactures various agricultural materials using raw coral calcium materials produced at Coral Biotech Co., Ltd’s. plant.
983-1, Nakasone, Nakijin Village, kunigami-gun, Okinawa 905-0401
TEL:0980-56-2427 FAX:0980-56-5296

Okinawa Sango Co.,Ltd. (Yatsugatake Kōgen Branch Office)

it has been 24 years since we first introduced hydrogen and mineral farming methods, and started the natural cultivation/farming of various grains, vegetables and fruits throughout Japan. At Coral Farm, we grow healthy crops and delicious vegetables without using any pesticides.
With this farming method, the presence of the microorganism actinomycetes in the soil increases and the rhythm of the natural circulation is gradually adjusted, through changes such as the lysing of the pathogenic fusarium.
3332-1314, KobuchisawaChou, Kamisasao, Hokutoshi, Yamanashi, 408-0041
TEL:0551-20-5317 FAX:0551-20-5318