Coral minerals to protect the soil, purify water and grow delicious vegetables.

The beautiful sea where shells live enjoys a natural cycle that regulates life on earth.

30 years of Okinawa Sango Inc.

Nearly 60 years ago, Rachel Carson warned the world in Silent Spring that if chemical pollution continued to grow more severe, there would come a time when there would be no birds to sing in spring. The number of bees is also decreasing, the earth’s natural cycles falling into disorder, and climate change is accelerating year by year.

We believe that the power to avoid this crisis lies in the sea.

Thirty years ago, Coral Biotech Co., Ltd. was established in Nakijin Village, Okinawa. After receiving permission from the Governor of Okinawa, we began collecting and researching the remains of coral skeletons found in the sea. These aren’t living corals.

Nakijin village
Coral research began in Nakijin village.

Okinawan coral reefs are a paradise with one of the greatest concentrations of life in the world


Acquired patents for manufacturing methods and equipment for making powders from weathered coral sands.

We developed products for food and agricultural use. Unlike mountain corals, the minerals in sea coral remain well balanced. Using the valuable information we discovered, we have published a number of white papers, including the following:

Introduction to coral calcium related research
Antihypertensive agent made into a powder without heating weathered reef coral as an active ingredient

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Introduction to coral calcium related research
Preventive / therapeutic agent for hyperglycemia

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Introduction to coral calcium related research
Positive effects on improving bone metabolism and mechanical bone strength in coral calcium mice.

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From its base in Nakijin Village, Coral Biotech Co., Ltd. has applied a biotechnology approach to the research, development and manufacture of products that utilize the highly effective natural resources contained in coral. Aina Co., Ltd. (the predecessor of Okinawa Coral) is committed to working with loyal customers, applying user feedback to product development. We also use coral in farming, engaging in chemical-free agriculture in several locations in Japan.

May 2005
Organic (chemical-free) cultivation of top quality Koshihikari rice.
(Agano City, Niigata Prefecture)

Okinawa Coral Co., Ltd. was established for the manufacture, sales and promotion of coral-based products.

Okinawa Coral Corporation (Yatsugatake Takahara Branch Office)

Searching for responses to the rapid acceleration of global climate change led us to amazing discoveries in agriculture, with the discovery that crops have the ability to challenging conditions such as unstable weather. Adding a 100% natural improver to the soil produced results that far exceeded our expectations, with the crops showing better resistance to environmental change compared to normal crops. The musk melons in the photo show the difference in growth in harsh weather in Niigata in 2010. The musk melons grew poorly due to the unexpected heat. The photos below show plants from the same producer, grown without (left) and with (right) the soil improver.

We ship raw coral-based food materials and finished products in 20-foot containers to leading food companies in Japan and pharmaceutical companies overseas.


Our frequent customers often inquire about the reason why our products help people become healthier. To better answer them, we consult with a number of medical professionals such as the late Toru Abo, a professor of medicine who specialized in immunology, who has written books on “How to boost your immunity,” with advice on healthy living and avoiding illness.

Toru Abo

Toru Abo

  • “You can become your own “doctor” if you learn how your body changes depending on your immunity!”
  • “The body functions perfectly – people get sick because of an unbalanced life.”
  • “Healthcare that values only data and excessive use of medicines leads the body to failure.”
We were deeply saddened by Dr. Ando’s passing, but with his knowledge and publications we continue to help people to enhance their bodies’ immunity.
We started cultivating musk melons in Nakijin Village, Okinawa, using our soil balancer products. The results exceeded our expectations and musk melons have become the 3rd specialty fruit in Nakijin Village, and we are sharing our new farming methods with local farmers.

Organic Mask Melon Mr. Hitoshi Sakai, farmer