Coral minerals to protect the soil, purify water and grow delicious vegetables.

It delivers new life to the soil, harnessing the power of coral and the sea to harvest the benefits of nature through farming.

Making delicious crops


The rice grown using coral is tasty on its own without any side dishes. It tastes even better when the rice cools, and a salted rice ball is the best of all.
In a harsh climate and environment the addition of ‘natural coral mineral’ adds new life to the soil, supporting rich nutritious crops that are both healthy and delicious.


People want to eat delicious fruit.
Coral fulfills this wish.
Golby, a variety of grapes grown with the addition of coral in the Southern Alps in Japan, shows the benefits of this natural supplement in the abundance of minerals and vitamins that gives a delicious taste unlike anything experienced before. This tastes comes from coral calcium that enhances the environment for microorganisms in the soil, living in a harmony of nature.


Cultivated naturally without any pesticides or chemical fertilizer.
The water of Lake Suwa in Nagano Prefecture is becoming contaminated with water flowing from the surrounding farms.
Mr. Nakajima, who used to be a dive instructor in the beautiful seas of Okinawa when he was young, is now growing garlic with the same passion to protect the seas of Okinawa. His delicious garlic is full of the energy of life.


Tomatoes grown with healthy soil and a plenty of sun look even shinier than jewels.
We exhibited these tomatoes at the Agricultural Exhibition at the Big Site, in Tokyo, Japan. Our plump tomatoes attracted the attention of overseas media, who were surprised by their sweet taste, sharp acid, and even their weight compared to regular tomatoes. The booth was full of people interested in our tomatoes, as well as the soil used to grow them.


This is the 2nd year the master of musk melons began growing them in Nakijin Village, in Okinawa.
I am still struggling, but with the support of Nakijin Village I hope to make musk melons the 3rd specialty fruit here, together with watermelons and mangos.

Making delicious meals

(deepfried fish and vegetables)

Delicious deep-fried food.
Crunchy outside and fluffy inside.
Coral calcium makes the ingredients inside cook quicker when deep-frying with a tasteful fluffiness. Normally after deep fry, the inside tends to become soggy with moisture from the air. However, coral calcium seals in moisture and ‘umami’ to make deep fried foods fluffy and smooth, and retain a crunchy texture even after it cools.


Many Japanese start the day with a bowl of miso soup containing a range of ingredients to help them stay healthy. Coral calcium makes soup stock and vegetables even tastier.