Coral minerals to protect the soil, purify water and grow delicious vegetables.

New Year Greetings

愛に包まれて、人類の知恵と叡智が【地球の健康回復】に向かうことを 誰もが願っている、本年は特別な年の始まりです。


Let us take a step towards realizing a sustainable society!

沖縄サンゴ株式会社では多くの科学者に見守られながら〈風化造礁サンゴ粒〉の研究を続けて参りました。〈風化造礁サンゴ粒〉を活かすと人も作物も土壌も見違える元氣を取り戻していきます。私たちは〈風化造礁サンゴ粒〉を農業での微生物活性化に向けることが【地球の健康回復】にとって 最も早く結果が見える手段と知り、この普及と伝承に入ります。サンゴ農法は30年、40年と農業に携わってこられた人々の間で高い評価を得ています。


Magnificent network of microbes bring up delicious farm products.
Southern alps city, Fukasawa farm(shine-muscat grapes farm) agriculture technology adviser Mr. Fukasawa


Activation of microorganisms in soil is important to grow delicious crops.
Calcium and magnesium alone do not make crops delicious.
Other trace minerals are required. (Mr. Fukasawa, an experienced farmer specialized in fruits farming in Yamanashi, Japan)


Agriculture resistant to climate change is essential.




Crops grow healthy when microorganisms in soil work properly.
キュウリの植込み / 生命力あふれるキュウリ
白ネギ直径3センチ / ルッコラ
無農薬で育つサラダ菜 / 朝の収穫トマト


Snuggle up to the farmers’ feelings.



We aim to create healthy soil by cultivating with magnificent ability of microbes.
(Yatsugatake highland Sango farm)

Coral bio-RF provides full spectrum of minerals and promotes multiplication of microbes under the ground. Every treated microbes are forming amazing network each other.

(Southern alps Kiyou farm sturdy farm)


・There is a soil where variety of life lives around roots of trees.
・Soaked rain water will be filtered through this heavy covering of leaf mold and become clean groundwater.
・Healthy soil create fine water.


Our small step will cure our farm and by cleansing river and sea water, bring back diversity of organisms.


Bring back beauty of coral reefs.


Let’s start SDG’s from everyday life.
Let’s bring beautiful coral reefs back to Okinawa once again.

We can reduce countless wastes in our natures discharging from our daily life by taking in naturally grown coral powder made from weathered reef coral that has been died instead of using artificial materials made with petrochemistry.

Coral powder made from dried weathered reef coral is composed mainly of calcium carbonate.

As you see the graph below, used coral powder in various fields will be reused for the ground and disassembled in the network of microbes naturally.

Raw material of coral powder will never be wasted. It’s the pure natural material grown in the sea of Okinawa.

As our first step to take, we will commit to support agricultures to reduce inflow of red clay to our coral reefs from farms here in Okinawa, in 2020.


We incorporate natural material “weathered reef coral grains” into various scenes of our lives to make a healthy life.