Coral minerals to protect the soil, purify water and grow delicious vegetables.

The Japanese home cooking
The World Health Organization: WHO has published (Nutrition advice for adults during the COVID-19 outbreak) outlining nutritional guidance for new coronavirus infections.

At the beginning of the journal, it states that nutrition and water intake is a source of life, and that a balanced diet boosts immunity and provide a healthy state, thus lowering the risk of getting diseases such as infections.

Illustrated instructions on how to take fresh meals every day to take in the vitamins, minerals, fiber, protein and antioxidants you need.
WHO(World Health Organization)
If you look at the top foods recommended by the WHO, they were common in our homes about 60 years ago. Green vegetables and seafood were on the table every day.

In the olden days in Japan, grandmothers and mothers used to stand at the kamado(cooking stove). And they were preparing a side dishes to please their family. They were also making delicious miso with boiled beans.

In summer, an eggplant and a cucumber are colorfully attached to the dining table after pickled with bran bed, and appetite is stimulated. In the winter, they are all pickled by grandmothers, such as Takuwan(pickled radish), Chinese cabbage and nozawana(brassica).

Fermented foods were a normal part of it. There are no colorants, preservatives or synthetic seasonings. Vegetables are dried in the sun and are packed with vitamin D and fiber, so they are full of nutrition.

They were making them for their families. It was filled with mother’s love. Home cooking seems to be the best way to stay healthy. Such a Japanese dining table is important in this day and age, isn’t it? A mother who cares for her family will heal her family. I think that the feeling of “Thank you” and “Thank you” for the gratitude to the creator of the food, “Itadakimasu” and “Thank you” for the “edible life” must have fostered a sense of reverence for nature in our childhood.

Both green vegetables and fermented foods boost our body’s metabolism. In this WHO’s advice, It is recommended that you avoid processed foods that are high in fat and salt, eat fresh foods, cook low in fat, salt and sugar, and drink plenty of water every day.

About water

Water is indispensable for sustaining life, and it is the root of life as it is involved in transporting nutrients and various components in the blood, excreting wastes, and regulating body temperature.
Okinawa Sango Co., Ltd. believes that hot water (Sayu), which is slightly higher than the body’s temperature, is recommended to replenish the water that the body needs. Coral Calcium users have been drinking hot water and are doing very well.

How to make SAYU (hot water)

A cup of hot water in the morning.
Take your time.
The warmth coursing gently through our body.
Mineral hot water (Sayu)